Master of Fine Arts, University of Washington Graduate School of Art 1965
Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington 1960
Arizona State University 1956-58
Born in Seattle, Washington
Died: December 19, 2023. Click for obituary.

Artist Statement

I find the convoluted complexities of life in the twenty-first century very interesting and think they are well worth paying attention to in painting. With all its seductions, vulnerabilities, and sometimes treacherous outcomes, this is Life’s journey, and it is intriguing. In these newest paintings, I am using a close relationship of figure to ground because I find that this lets me convey hints of the structured energy that is so necessary for coping with life. That energy is depicted through the juxtapositioning of elements, structured clusters, myriad tiny details, and an array of intense colors and complex visual information across the expanse of the canvas groups and clusters that are themselves all intertwined and complicated.

I read the canvas left to right: from the beginning to the middle and then to the final inevitable conclusion. I use the purest abstract form because, as with music, it allows the work to reach the largest number of people in the most personal ways.

Coming from the roots of American abstraction, my recent works are complicated, intricate color definitions, dialogues of color and shape that belie my personal dark vision. Yet my new work is not gestural abstraction, as in American art of the 1950s and ’60s but a refined and thoughtful language, carefully painted with sharp, clean edges, and includes delicate transparencies as thin as the wisp of a hummingbird’s breath.

I remain engaged, though detached. My works are neither politically driven nor intended as narratives. Each is a focus of light through my inner persona. And although figurative imagery may be absent, emotional intimacy is present and very important to each work. I remain on a road of continued discovery, striving for a purer art form.

Camille Patha